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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Speaker Conversion

So far i've got the PSU, plexi and fans all mounted in the box ready for the amp to be wired up.
The PSU powers up nicely and the fans all move alot of air tokeep the PSU cool as this thing will be pumping out its maxmum of 19amps the entire time so it will reach a decent temperature. At least, one that becomes a concern when working with an enclosed, wooden enviroment.

Get Pics up when i can find the damn camera USB cord.

Just waiting on the amplifier and the subwoofer to come in the post. Once i get them i'll mount it and wire it all up and post up pics of the finished job. Might even get a vid up of it operating with a tutorial on how to do everything and how well a 300W PSU runs a 650W 4 - channel Car amplifier.

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